Shakira’s prominence has expanded in division, Pik’s has diminished

Understanding every one of the tales, Barcelona star Gerard Pique and pop ruler Shakira headed out in different directions on June 3. They cut off a long term friendship. Shakira’s own correspondence organization affirmed the matter through an authority explanation.

A large number of fans are devastated by the insight about PK and Shakira’s division. The justification behind the break about lengthy is obviously the PK itself. Fans like Shakira are presently betraying the Barą¦¾a star by pointing the finger of fault. Which is reflected in web-based entertainment. On a normal, around 1 million adherents of Pike are losing consistently. Then again, pop star Shakira’s adherents have been expanding since the detachment.

PK has lost 5 million adherents since the split. He is losing 1 million adherents consistently. Not just that, the supporters have diminished, Barca fans believe PK should resign. Be that as it may, the club is promising to be close by during such a troublesome time.

As per a Kulemaria survey, 83.3 percent of allies accept Peck ought to resign soon. Just 16.1 percent allies are his ally. 5.4 percent figure the Spaniard ought to have resigned some time in the past.
Shakira, in the mean time, implied that her relationship with Pique had been cut quite a while in the past, in a melody named ‘Te Felicito’ by Shakira. After the authority declaration of division, it has become confirmation. The perspective on the tune is developing quickly. It has proactively outperformed 100 million.

Simultaneously, Shakira’s adherents are becoming on Instagram. On a normal, around 3 lakh adherents are being added to his name consistently. Shakira likewise said thanks to the fans for being close by after ‘Te Felicito’ delivered 100 million on YouTube.