Russia uncovers ‘delicious’ McDonald’s substitute

Cheap food goliath McDonald’s pulled out of Russia in fight at the invasion of Ukraine and sold its eateries here – more than 800 – to Russian money manager Alexander Govor.

Today the first rebranded cafés are returning in Moscow.

There’s another name: “Vkusno I Tochka”, which deciphers as “sapid and that is all there is to it”.

Gone are the Golden Arches, supplanted by a stylised letter M, made from two French fries, and a speck (or, maybe, a burger?)

  • Be that as it may, the new owner trust clients won’t see such a large number of contrasts. They held a question and answer session in the leader eatery on Pushkin Square, where the absolute first Moscow McDonald’s opened a long time back.
  • “Our objective is that our visitors don’t see a difference either in quality or vibe,” said Oleg Paroyev, CEO of Vkusno I Tochka.

In any case, one male nonconformist upset the occasion, expressing “bring back Big Mac!”

Back in 1990 I was in the horrid line: it took me three hours to get in and be served. I recall the fervor. The outlook of McDonald’s was an image of Soviet Russia embracing Western thoughts, Western culture, Western food.

What’s going on here today is an image, as well: of how Russia and the West are moving separated.

We’re not simply talking burgers. Numerous worldwide brands and global organizations have suspended merchandise in Russia or sold up and pulled out totally, in fight at the Russian hostile in Ukraine.

Mr Govor, a Siberian oil tycoon, expects to resume about a fourth of the 850 rebranded McDonald’s cafés before the month’s over.

✔⏸How long might Western mobilization over Ukraine at any place hold?

Russia and Ukraine represented around 9% of McDonald’s worldwide deals a year ago.

Starbucks, Coca Cola, Levi’s and Apple are among the worldwide brands that have left Russia or suspended deals here since the 24 February encroachment of Ukraine.

Russia is currently under colossal worldwide assents, which are upsetting its stockpile chains and expanding joblessness.🔱