Russia calls US news sources, cautions of ‘severe measures’

The heads of American media will be welcome to Russian Foreign Ministry to clear up for them the results of their administration’s threatening line in the media circle.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said it was gathering the heads of US news sources in Moscow to a gathering on Monday to tell them of extreme estimates in light of US limitations against the Russian media.

“In the event that crafted by the Russian media – administrators and writers – isn’t standardized in the United States, the most tough estimates will definitely follow,” service representative Maria Zakharova said on Friday.

“To this end, on Monday, the tops of the Moscow workplaces of all American media will be welcome to the press focus of the Russian Foreign Ministry to clarify for them the outcomes of their administration’s unfriendly line in the media circle,” she added.

Russia has blamed Western nations for forcing uncalled for limitations on its media abroad, remembering boycotts for some state-supported media sources.

Officials passed a bill last month giving examiners powers to close unfamiliar media departments in Moscow on the off chance that a Western nation has been “unpleasant” to Russian media.

Since attacking Ukraine in February, Russia has taken action against media inclusion of the contention, presenting 15-year jail sentences for writers spreading deliberately “counterfeit” news about what it refers to its as “unique military activity” in Ukraine.

The law incited a few Western media to haul their columnists out of Russia.

Other Western associations, including Reuters, have remained in the nation and kept on revealing.

Russia says it is participated in a “exceptional military activity” to incapacitate and “denazify” its neighbor.

Ukraine and partners call this an unjustifiable guise for a conflict that has killed thousands, smoothed urban communities, and constrained in excess of 6,000,000 individuals to escape abroad.