Ronaldo will talk to United about the future

Cristiano Ronaldo is still uncertain about the future. Blinded by the desire to play in the Champions League next season, Ronaldo wants to leave United anyway. Wanting to leave and go to a club that will play in the Champions League.
United finished sixth in the league last season. They are not playing in this year’s Champions League. And for Ronaldo, playing in the Champions League is a big deal. United have no intention of playing in the second-tier European competition, the Europa League. As a result, no matter how much United try to keep Ronaldo, Ronaldo himself no longer wants to stay at Old Trafford.

Texting his agent Jorge Mendez to leave the club, expressing his interest in playing to various clubs, refusing to play United’s pre-season games – nothing is happening. Clubs like Chelsea, Bayern, PSG, Sporting have informed in a way that they don’t need Ronaldo.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid supporters have started an online petition so that Ronaldo is not taken. Clubs like Roma, Napoli are interested but not capable. If the situation does not change, it is certain that Ronaldo will stay at United.

But Ronaldo himself may not want to let that happen. It has been reported that Ronaldo will discuss his future with the United officials again without wanting to. British sports website The Athletic reported.

The 37-year-old star wants to sit down with United coach Eric ten Haag and other officials face-to-face to explain his decision. He wants to inform that he does not want to play in United anymore.

However, United officials hope, after the meeting, Ronaldo will express his desire to play for United again. They see Ronaldo’s desire to speak with the club owners as a positive – that’s what The Athletic said. The team returned to Manchester after playing pre-season matches in Thailand and Australia.

Maguire-Da Geara will return to training on Tuesday after a day off. Then Ronaldo will come to the club and meet with the officials.
Ronaldo has one more year left on his current contract with United. But Ronaldo wants to go elsewhere without finishing it. Ten Haag, however, does not want to leave him.