Qatar won’t permit gay banners to be flown at the World Cup

Homosexuality has for some time been authorized in the Western world. Furthermore, a couple of years prior our adjoining country India likewise legitimized homosexuality. Many are professing to be gay. He even flies the rainbow banner to help homosexuality. Yet, that isn’t possible in Qatar World Cup. Assuming anybody flies that gay rainbow banner at the World Cup in Qatar, it will be detracted from them.

The people group makes its reserve flying the rainbow banner overall to advance gay privileges. Qatar will invite them to the world phase of football, FIFA and the host country have previously affirmed. But since the Middle East is moderate, the nation has stood firm against the public showcase of the rainbow banner.

Qatar didn’t boycott the presence of gay people in the World Cup, the choice was taken considering the country’s security advantages, Major General Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Ansari, who is accountable for security for the 2022 World Cup, said.

He said, ‘On the off chance that gay people raise the rainbow banner as an image of their opportunity, it will be detracted from them. Without a doubt, this isn’t to affront him, however to safeguard him. Since regardless of whether it’s not me, another person around him can go after them. Can’t ensure the way of behaving surprisingly. I will tell them, please, there is compelling reason need to bring the banner up in the field.’

Homosexuality is viewed as a culpable offense in Qatar, which is known as strictly moderate. Since, the World Cup is a worldwide occasion; So Qatar won’t permit gays in the World Cup.

Lately clubs in England have been crusading perseveringly to help homosexuality. The German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga are likewise at the very front of this mission.

European football, nonetheless, won’t have the valuable chance to show rainbows in arenas to help homosexuality at the 2022 World Cup. Initially, have country Qatar won’t fly the rainbow banner representing homosexuality at the impending World Cup, as homosexuality is viewed as a wrongdoing.