Putin says Russia battling for country in Ukraine in Victory Day discourse


Russian President Vladimir Putin marks Victory Day in Russia: “Congratulations on a grand victory”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russian forces in Ukraine were battling for the future of their fatherland, in his annual address marking triumph over Nazi Germany in World battle Two.

Despite rumours he would make a major announcement his speech stuck hugely to defending Russia’s attack .

He tied the battle in Ukraine to triumph in 1945, faulting the West and Nato for rejecting security demands.

Almost 10 weeks into the attack , civilian casualties continue to hill.

Some 60 civilians are feared deceased in the eastern town of Bilohorivka, after a Russian attack on a school where community were trying to escape shellfire.

Flanked by warlike top brass, Russia’s leader spoke of Ukrainians as fascists, repeating his wrong claim that the democratic government in Kyiv was run by neo-Nazis.

Defending the country had forever been consecrated, he expressed, alluding toward the eastern area which is presently the primary focal point of Russia’s invasion: “Today you are fighting for our kin in Donbas, for the security of Russia, our country.”

He also made unfounded accusation against Nato and Ukraine:, saying: They were preparing a punishing activities in Donbas to trespass on our historic lands. In Kyiv they were saying they might get atomical weapons and Nato started exploring the lands close to us, and that became an atomical threat to us and our borders.”

Ending his 11-minute location, the Russian president expressed: “Magnificence to our military – for Russia, for victory, hoorah”, at which the collected powers answered with a major cheer.

Russian news agencies said 11,000 army and 131 armoured vehicles took part in the event, including Russia’s extensively feted Armata tanks, which have not been considered combat-ready for the war in Ukraine. lesser parades were planned to cachet the day in cities across Russia.


In front of Victory Day, warplanes had practiced over Red Square in a Z-development, the theme utilized by the Russian state during its conflict in Ukraine. There were no undeniable unfavorable atmospheric conditions in Moscow on Monday, with a lot of daylight through the mists.