Protest meeting on the day of the Ocean Conference

Protest meeting on the day of the Ocean Conference

On the one hand, the UN Ocean Conference is going on, on the other hand, Ocean activists from different countries are gathering outside the conference venue in Lisbon.

They strongly demanded that effective measures

taken to protect the sea from destruction in the name of extraction of minerals including pollution,

not just limited to negotiations.

Representatives from 120 countries are sitting at the negotiating table.

Ocean activists protest outside. Some came in the guise of whales and some in the guise of surfers.

The Altis Arena in Lisbon, or the venue of this year’s UN Ocean Conference,

surrounded  slogans for the protection of the sea.

They called upon to protect the sea which is under threat due to various reasons including

pollution in various forms of dance-song, rally or various instruments.

Hundreds of ocean activists from around the world have called on

world leaders to take effective steps to curb the horrific pollution of plastic waste,

including the use of heavy machinery in the deep sea in the name of mineral extraction.

One said, ‘A lot has happened. Let the oppression on the sea  stopped.

The sea is like our mother.

Tired of letting the sea give us for thousands of years. Now let them be a little alone. In the name of extracting minerals,

  • digging in the deep sea should stopped. ‘
  • Another said, ‘Only talks are going on, but no action. Please, sign the Global Ocean Agreement quickly.
  • Hopefully, you will sign this agreement in New York in August and take visible steps to protect the oceans. ‘
  • Demonstrations also called for an end to the killing of various marine animals in the name of fishing.
  • Apart from that, they strongly demanded that

the leaders unite and take effective steps to protect the marine resources including the endangered species of whales.🔱