Priti Patel Responds to Eco-Mob: ‘You Won’t Stop Us

The Eco-mob have responded to criticism of their recent protest by the Home Secretary in a letter. They claim they will continue protesting, despite mounting police pressure and public scrutiny, after evading arrest for the fourth time this week.

In a letter addressed to the Home Secretary, an Eco-Mob spokesperson has replied to Ms Patel’s claim that their group is a threat to national security. The spokesperson said:

“We are not going away and we will not stop protesting against the unethical actions of this government.”

Protests organised by the group have been running for several weeks now, with a target to have the Prime Minister arrested by May 1st.

The letter continued:

“We have been peaceful and within the confines of the law at all times. If you believe that this government has acted illegally or unethically then we invite you to prove us wrong.”

In response to the group’s request for a debate on the subject, a government spokesperson said that he believed the Prime Minister was being harassed and intimidated by this group.

The letter from the Eco-Mob has been rejected for publication by most major news outlets due to its lack of factual evidence supporting their claims against the government.

When asked about her reaction to criticism of their actions, one spokesperson said:

“They’re just upset that we’ve embarrassed them in public. There is nothing to debate, if they don’t like it then they should change their behaviour.”


cretary has announced that the police will continue arresting anyone involved with the protests until they “get the message”. Anyone found guilty of organising or participating could face up to seven years in prison under the Serious Crime Act.

A full transcript of the letter and video footage of protesters asking for a debate can be found in the comments. What do you think about this issue? Please leave your comments below.

Four days ago the Home Secretary denied a debate with Eco-Mob, instead calling them a threat to national security. Since then they have evaded the police by releasing the locations of their protests at the last minute and seem to be organising more actions against the government.

We want a live feed from those arriving for this morning’s protest at Downing Street. We will be questioning people on their opinions of the Eco-Mob and presenting this to you for debate in an hour’s time.

We also want to remind our viewers that any action by this group is illegal and could lead to imprisonment.

Today’s protest against the Prime Minister has been brought forward by four hours after information was leaked to the press. Only six people have turned up so far, but it is expected that numbers will rise at lunchtime when the protest was intended to take place.

We are now joined by our first guest. Hello, can you tell us why you are here today?

“Well I am against the notion of imprisoning people for exposing the corruption of this government, if that’s what they want to punish these people for then I think it’s a sad day for democracy.”

Thank you very much… In the past Eco-Mob have said their protests are peaceful affairs and not intended to intimidate or harass. What do you make of this?

“Well they’re welcome to protest wherever they