Previous Bolivian President Anez condemned to 10 years in jail

Previous Bolivian President Jeanine Anez has been condemned to 10 years in jail. He was indicted for removing previous president and ancestor Evo Morales. News from the BBC.

Anez, 54, was sentenced in a La Paz court on Friday. He was indicted for making “unlawful choices”. As per the court administering, she should carry out her punishment in a ladies’ jail in the city.

Anez has consistently denied the claims against him. He depicted himself as a “survivor of political retribution”. Evo Morales wins Bolivia’s 2019 official political decision The then armed force boss called for Morales to leave after fights ejected over claims of extortion. He then, at that point, surrendered and escaped Bolivia.

Anez became guardian president as the most senior congressperson since Morales escaped the country. Nonetheless, individuals from Morales’ Socialist Party claim that Anezi, alongside the police and armed force, intended to expel Morales.
The Socialist Party won an avalanche triumph in the 2020 official and legislative races. This set out a freedom for Morales to get back to Bolivia from Argentina and lead the group. His associate Louis Arche was chosen president.
Anez was captured in March 2021.

After the decision was reported yesterday, Anez’s legal counselor said he would speak to worldwide associations to look for equity.