PCB will submit a protest letter to ICC against Afghanistan

The traditional heat of the India-Pakistan match was largely absent in this year’s Asia Cup. Although there was tension in the field, there was a lot of camaraderie between the players and the fans. However, the lost thrill of India-Pakistan is now seen in the Afghanistan-Pakistan match. Yesterday, the Afghans lost to Pakistan by 1 wicket. As a result of which the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will officially file a complaint against the Afghans. The PCB will make this complaint mainly due to the alarming situation created by the Afghan fans’ riots and vandalism in the gallery.
Yesterday, after the close match, heat spread in the gallery between Pakistan-Afghanistan supporters. After this incident, several videos have spread on social media. In one video, Afghan supporters are seen hitting Pakistani supporters with chairs. Highlighting the gravity of the incident, Ramiz told the media, ‘You cannot associate terrorist activities with cricket. And such environment will make you sick. We will inform the ICC in writing, outlining our concerns. I will do what I can. Because the scenes were horrible.

Noting that this is not the first time that Afghanistan’s supporters have committed such an act, Ramiz said, “This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Losing and winning are part of the game. It was a fiercely contested fight. But emotions should have been kept in check. If the environment is not good, you can never move forward as a cricket playing country. And because of this, we will convey our pain and frustration to the ICC. We have a responsibility to the fans, anything could have happened. Our team could have been in danger. Whatever is the protocol, we will file a complaint according to it.’

Ramiz himself is a member of the ICC working committee. The committee reviewed the state of cricket and how it is being run in the country after the Taliban takeover last year. Meanwhile, Sharjah police arrested several Afghan fans for aggressive behavior after the match yesterday. However, no one was arrested.
It is believed that the heat spread between the Pakistan batsman Asif Ali and the Afghan bowler Farid Ahmed after getting out.

Farid threw a punch in the air as Asif returned and went closer to him. In response, Asif pushed Farid away and held the bat in front of his face. The two cricketers also got into a verbal fight until the fight was stopped by the intervention of their teammates. As a result, the supporters also clashed among themselves. Many people also broke the gallery chairs at this time. Before the authorities and the police started to act, the gallery suffered a lot of damage.