Passionate Argument Defended Killer, Claiming Self-defense

Kyle Rittenhouse is a convicted killer who shot three people in self-defense. He served 18 years of his life sentence and was released on parole last year. Prosecutors are now trying to bring him back into custody for violating his parole by killing again, but he claims that this time it was also in self-defense. Kyle Rittenhouse’s day 7 testimony has just wrapped up, so here are the key takeaways from the trial so far.

Rittenhouse says he was trying to get rid of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

He says the new boyfriend kept calling him, but he had stopped taking her calls months earlier because he knew she would try to set him up for harassment charges. He claims that when they did talk, she would usually berate him for not being man enough to handle her ex-boyfriend, who he claims is the son of a “sheriff or something.

He claims that on the day of the murder his phone was off and he had a burner with him. He says this was because his parole officer wouldn’t let him use a phone without having it checked, and he didn’t want to make any calls that might get him put back in jail.

He confirms that the night of the murder he had gone to see his parole officer despite not having permission, but says it was just because she hadn’t responded to his request for another meeting. He claims that this is what led him to hang out with 2 of his friends.

They smoked weed and talked before going to the older kid’s house. Rittenhouse says he didn’t bring a gun because he thought it would be safer not to have one on him, though he did take one when they got in Kyle’s car and drove towards Robbie Stewart’s house.

Kyle Rittenhouse claims he was trying to get the young kid’s friends away from Robbie Stewart when he fired his gun

He says that after they saw him in their car when they tried to leave the crime scene, he told them not to go there anymore because it was dangerous. He then tells them that they can either stay in his car with him, or go back to the older kid’s house and stay for a bit.

He claims he was just trying to get them away from Robbie Stewart when he fired his gun in the air twice, but that when they didn’t leave he got mad and realized they would probably call the police if he threatened them with a gun. He claims he wasn’t trying to rob them and didn’t ask for anything, but that when they wouldn’t leave he fired at the ground.

He then says he just wanted them to stay there until his friend came back with the weed so they would be less likely to turn him in, but that it was getting dark and he felt unsafe. He claims he only fired the gun to scare them, and that when they still wouldn’t leave he got mad and shot Jonah.

He says that after shooting Jonah in the back he turned the gun on Robbie Stewart, who was still smoking a bowl. He claims this is when Robbie started running towards him so he quickly aimed at his face and squeezed off a shot before he could get there.

He says he did this because Jonah was still on the ground and he didn’t want Robbie to shoot him, and that when Robbie Stewart fell over he fired at him again because he was moving around like somebody that just got shot. He claims that after that he ran to his car in case the others tried to come after him, but that no one followed.

Rittenhouse confirms that he asked his friend for the gun two days before because he knew he would be selling weed to the older kid’s friends and wanted protection

He claims it was really dark outside at this point, but that he could make out the shadowy figure of the young kid running towards him, so he fired his gun again to scare him off. He claims the kid was laughing about Jonah being shot and threw something at his car as he sped away.