Ocean side Volleyball added as UT's 21st intercollegiate game

Ocean side Volleyball added as UT's 21st intercollegiate game

Ocean side Volleyball added as UT’s 21st intercollegiate game

The University of Texas at Austin is adding the quickly developing Olympic game of Beach Volleyball as a ladies’ intercollegiate game starting this spring.

“We are eager to have Beach Volleyball join the country’s top athletic program and be a piece of our triumphant Longhorn custom,” said UT President Jay Hartzell. “The mix of Indoor and Beach Volleyball will give more prominent serious open doors to our understudy competitors, increment our capacity to draw in top ability and convey much really convincing games for our fans and local area.”

  • In its beginning phases of contest as a varsity university spring sport, Beach Volleyball was endorsed as a NCAA Emerging Sport for ladies in 2009. It played its most memorable authority season during the 2011-12 scholarly year and facilitated its debut National Championship in 2016. Under the heading of Jerritt Elliott and the ebb and flow Indoor Volleyball staff, the Longhorns will seek after a restricted spring plan for 2023 preceding turning into a completely endorsed intercollegiate game for the 2024 season.

  • “We’ve been examining this for some time and are excited to add this high speed and invigorating game to our sports programs,” said UT Vice President and Athletics Director Chris Del Conte. “All year every year, we have one of the head Volleyball programs in the nation, and adding Beach Volleyball will assist us with proceeding to reinforce that. The all year rivalry in a game that draws in probably the smartest understudy competitors in the nation will be an important asset for Coach Elliott and our Volleyball program, while improving our sports program in general. We anticipate kicking things off this spring and consistently filling in this game in the years to come.”

Ocean side Volleyball added as UT's 21st intercollegiate game

  • The Longhorns are generally one of the country’s chief Indoor Volleyball programs, with three National Championship and 27 all-time meeting titles. That custom has gone on under Elliott, who is in his 22nd year driving the program. Over the beyond 16 seasons, he has driven the group to a country’s driving 16 straight NCAA Sweet 16s and 15 NCAA Regional Finals, 10 Final Fours and five National Championship matches. The Horns brought home the NCAA championship in 2012 and have guaranteed 10 of the beyond 11 Big 12 Championships.

“This is one more incredible chance to construct and extend our kind of Texas Volleyball,” Elliott said. “Having it close by our indoor group will be an extraordinary expansion to our program in such countless ways. Spring contest and Beach Volleyball will bring added openness, improve selecting and the valuable chance to get significantly more tip top understudy competitors in our game. It likewise will furnish extra preparation amazing open doors alongside some thrilling volleyball occasions and contests in the years to come. What’s more, in addition, it’s a truly fun and engaging game that I realize our fans will truly appreciate emerging to see.”

Ocean side Volleyball will join a gathering of 20 intercollegiate projects that has driven Texas to consecutive LEARFIELD Directors’ Cup titles as the country’s top generally speaking sports program during the beyond two seasons. Texas is falling off a year that included four National Championships and six NCAA next in line wraps up. Of its 20 varsity sports, 10 completed in the NCAA top-two completions, 12 among the main five and 14 in the best 10.