Nupur Sharma should apologize to the whole nation: Supreme Court of India

The country’s Supreme Court has said that Nupur Sharma, the temporarily expelled spokesperson of the ruling BJP in India, should apologize to the entire nation. The apex court made the remarks while hearing a petition filed by Nupur Sharma on Friday.

The Supreme Court has said that Nupur Sharma is “solely responsible” for what is happening in India now over her remarks about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). News from NDTV.

Justice Surya Kant said, ‘We have seen how he (Nupur Sharma) has provoked controversy. But the way he said the whole thing and later introduced himself as a lawyer is shameful. He should apologize to the whole nation.

Nupur Sharma filed a petition seeking transfer of all the allegations (FIRs) filed against her remarks to Delhi. Her lawyer claims that Nupur Sharma is under threat.

Justice Surya Kant said, ‘Is he under threat or has he become a security threat himself? The way he has provoked (religious) emotions across the country. This woman is solely responsible for what is happening in the country.

The apex court further said that Nupur Sharma’s remarks revealed her ‘stubborn and arrogant behavior’.
Justice Surya Kant said, ‘If he (Nupur Sharma) is the spokesperson of a party, then whatever happens. He thinks he has the support of the government and can make any statement without respecting the law of the land.

At the time, Nupur Sharma’s lawyer said she had only answered the host’s question in the television debate. In reply, the apex court said, “Then there should be a case against the operator as well.”

Nupur Sharma made insulting remarks about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in a television debate on May 26.

Naveen Kumar Jindal, media chief of the BJP’s Delhi branch, also made derogatory remarks about the Prophet on Twitter. In the face of fierce criticism, the BJP suspended Nupur Sharma and expelled Jindal.

The insulting remarks of the two BJP leaders caused a storm of condemnation and criticism at home and abroad. Muslims protest in India. The Arab and Muslim world reacted angrily. It was strongly condemned by at least 16 countries.