Neymar’s plane forced an emergency landing on its way back from Barbados

Brazilian superstar Neymar’s private jet has been forced to make an emergency landing en route from Barbados to Brazil.

It was not immediately clear why or at what airport Neymar’s plane landed.

  • The plane took off again after an emergency landing and landed safely in northeastern Brazil, according to the UK media Sun.
  • Neymar returned to Brazil on Tuesday (June 21) after a holiday in the United States and the Caribbean.
  • He also posted a picture on social media with his sister Rafaela standing in front of his plane at the airport in the morning before the departure.

He shared the story on Instagram after boarding the plane.

However, it could not  confirmed whether he would return to the country later on his own private plane, which forced to make an emergency landing.

According to Sun, Neymar owns an Embraer Legacy 450 model aircraft. 123 crore in Bangladeshi rupees.

The media not confirm whether the plane forced to make an emergency landing.

In addition to the aircraft, Neymar’s collection includes a 6-seater Mercedes-brand Batman-style helicopter. Its market value is 114 crore rupees.

The PSG star often made headlines for his luxurious lifestyle and party life.

He is now busy on vacation at the end of the season for the club and the national team. Although there is no buzz in the upcoming season, there are doubts about his stay in PSG.

Mbappe, who re-signed with PSG a few days ago, does not want Neymar to stay in PSG.🔱