Mumbai assault co-engineer, when announced dead, imprisoned in Pakistan

An enemy of psychological oppression court in Pakistan has granted more than 15 years prison term in a fear supporting case to one more primary controller of the dangerous 2008 Mumbai goes after that killed 166 individuals including 26 outsiders.

Assailant bunch Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) part Sajid Majeed Mir, 44, was imprisoned for 15 and a half years in a dread supporting case by the court in Lahore, in the primary seven day stretch of this current month.

He was likewise fined Rs420,000. He is at present carrying out punishment in Kot Lakhpat prison, a source told the Dawn paper.

A senior legal counselor related with fear funding instances of LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) pioneers likewise affirmed the improvement to the Indian news organization PTI on Friday.

Everything occurred so unobtrusively that nobody came to be familiar with a particularly significant court decision in such a high-profile case, with the exception of an extremely concise report in one of the papers, which also couldn’t stand out. His confinement, which obviously occurred in later piece of April, was additionally avoided nearby media’s meddlesome eyes.

Pakistani specialists had in the past asserted he had passed on, however Western nations stayed unconvinced and requested evidence of his demise. This issue rather turned into a significant staying point in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) evaluation of Pakistan’s advancement on the activity plan toward the end of last year. This was where things at last began moving for Mir’s situation prompting his ‘capture’.

Mir, who has an abundance of $5 million, is on India’s most-needed list for his part in the Mumbai assaults.

Named as the “project chief” of the 2008 assaults, he supposedly had visited India in 2005 utilizing a phony visa with a phony name.

One more driving force of the dread assaults and JuD boss Hafiz Saeed, likewise the pioneer behind LeT, was condemned in 2020, to 68 years detainment in fear supporting cases by the Lahore court.

Mumbai assault activity leader Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi is additionally sentenced for quite some time in prison. Both Saeed and Maki are additionally in Kot Lapkhapt prison in Lahore.

Who is Mir?

Lahore-conceived Mir is professed to have endured two years completing observation and exploring focuses in Mumbai. He supposedly did this with the assistance of David Coleman Headley – the American fear monger, who is as of now carrying out a 35 years punishment in the US for his contribution in global psychological oppression.

Mir’s relationship with LeT and Hafiz Saeed traces all the way back to 1994 when he was only 16. He then, at that point, rose in the psychological militant outfit’s positions and became related with its global tasks wing.

Reports show that he stayed the vice president of LeT’s worldwide activities, however others recommend that he even sooner or later drove that unit. He is said to have delighted in direct admittance to Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, who was the head of all psychological oppression tasks.

Specialists say he additionally got connected up with al-Qaeda while leading worldwide tasks.


He had in 2005, covertly visited India, where he went as a cricket fan to watch a match between the cricket crews of the two nations. On that event, he stayed in India for around 15 days.

Mir’s name began highlighting on the worldwide psychological warfare scene as soon as 2002, when he endeavored to make enormous military hardware buys from the US with the assistance of his Virginia-based accessories. Nonetheless, that undertaking reached a conclusion when the FBI captured 11 individuals in what became to be known as ‘Virginia Paintball Jihadi’ case. Ten of them were imprisoned.

He later turned towards Australia. In 2003 he arranged assaults in Australia with the assistance of a French public, Willie Brigitte, and an Australian, Faheem Khalid Lodhi, for Australian soldiers presence in Afghanistan.

Lodhi was sentenced by an Australian court in June 2006 of arranging demonstrations of psychological oppression and gave over 20 years in jail, while Brigitte, who was expelled to France in 2003, was indicted by a French court to nine years in prison.

He then began the Mumbai project. Later in 2009, Mir worked together with Headley on a cut off