Moving forward to serve the country

Taking everything into account, Bangladesh is as of now going through a troublesome period

Throughout recent months, because of the conflict in Ukraine, we have seen critical instability with regards to food costs in our country. From consumable oil to the accessibility of other regular fundamentals, there’s no question that, taking everything into account, Bangladesh is at present going through a troublesome period.

Notwithstanding, it has been great to see the specialists concerned recognize the issues, and their endeavors to address them have likewise been estimable. However, we should accept the issue of food security with the reality it merits, so we are never in a position where residents are going hungry.

With that in mind, Army boss General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed saying that the military will create poison free and natural food grains in the desolate terrains of the multitude of cantonments the nation over is incredibly certain information, and is the sort of proactive purpose we anticipate from the people who have committed to safeguard the country.
Obviously, the military’s transcendent assignment is to take care of our nation’s guard, yet to see them thinking out about the case, yet to address such a basic need in the country merits applauses. Similarly amazing is the military recognizing its job in guaranteeing food handling in the country.

Nonetheless, this drive remains particularly in its beginning stage. However, we trust that the pertinent specialists help out the military and give them any help that they might require, so they can effectively increase this generally praiseworthy and amazingly ideal drive.

Let this be the first of numerous developments that draw us ever nearer to accomplishing independence as a country with regards to food creation and utilization.