Milind Soman, 56, set fire to Rafta's video

Milind Soman, 56, set fire to Rafta's video

Milind Soman, 56, set fire to Rafta’s video

Milind Soman is one of the ‘fitness icons’ of the country. Age is just a number to him.

The 55-year-old actor often posts health videos on the net to inspire the public about health and fitness.

The popular model, who is six feet tall, has a raw beard and a beaten face,

recently made a comeback in a music video after 25 years.

Astha Gill on one side, Akasa on the other. Milind sometimes sits in self-glory.

It known that the model-actor appeared with one of the ‘party songs’ of this year.

ThereĀ  great excitement in the minds of the viewers about this video called ‘Shringar’! With that, after 25 years,

there is an excitement to see Milind again.

There is also the excitement of seeing singer Vayu, Astha Gill, Akasa together.

Meanwhile, as a matter of fact, Raftar is number one in the judgment of the audience. The trio have joined hands in his rap.

The viewers got Vayu, Astha and Akasa together in the series ‘Nagin’.

Milind Soman’s name still comes first in the world of modeling.

In an interview to a news agency in Mumbai, Vayu said that he has worked with Astha and Akasa before.

Very good understanding between them. And there is no word on Raftar’s song! However,

the presence of Milind Soman in the video has increased their level of happiness. It’s a lot like cherry on top of the cake!šŸ”±