Mika found some useful task to fulfill accomplice on the phase of Swayambhar

Bollywood vocalist Mika Singh. Matured 44 years, yet single. There is no limit to the debate about him. Despite the fact that he is a vocalist, his life is pretty much as bright as the legend of the film. The superhit vocalist whose melody isn’t played, the wedding function isn’t frozen or has not yet tracked down a reasonable lady!

Another unscripted TV drama is coming on that channel. Which is called ‘Swayambar-Mika Ki Bohti’. ‘Swayambar’ sabha for Mika Singh in this show. Where Mika will find her soul mate. Furthermore, young ladies from everywhere will come to apply to be Mika’s significant other.

The finale of ‘Swayambar – Mika Di Boti’ included three entertainers, Neet Mahal, Thanhika Das and Akanksha Puri. Akanksha came out on top in the competition to prevail upon Mika by abandoning Thanhika and Neet. Arriving at the last episode, Thanhika guaranteed that she will be Mika’s soul mate, then again Neet was likewise ahead as a close buddy, at last Akanksha shut down every one of the hypotheses. That is known.

Akansha joined the opposition through a special case. The Punjabi vocalist has known the entertainer for thirteen-fourteen years. Dear companions of one another. The connection between the two was likewise reputed in ‘B-Town’. Nonetheless, this relationship didn’t keep going long.

At last completion every one of the tales, the two traded on the Swayambhar stage. At long last it is realized that Akanksha is Mika Singha’s soul mate. This is the delegated snapshot of the couple’s long fellowship.

The people who have partaken in the show previously, none of the relationships endured, or didn’t stand the test of time.