Michael Jackson's

Michael Jackson's

Michael Jackson’s killers play catch-up.

13 years after his death, the mystery of Michael Jackson is opening. The investigation to identify his real killers is already over.
A documentary based on the investigation report will be released before the audience. And that will reveal the real killers of Michael Jackson.

This legendary American singer died at the age of 50. He froze to death on June 25, 2009 at his home in Los Angeles. An overdose of the anesthetic propofol caused his heart to stop beating and died.

Jackson’s personal physician, Conrad Marr, was blamed for the incident. He accepted it. He also served four years in prison.

However, in this new documentary, it will be known that not only Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, but many others fueled Michael’s addiction to various drugs. This artist who migrated to the land of no return after making millions of people cry, became more addicted to drugs because of the fuel of some people.

The new documentary will reveal that he had 19 fake IDs to buy drugs. More shocking facts about the death can be found in this documentary. The main mystery of that haze will be revealed through the documentary ‘TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson’ released in September.