Meghan Markle’s father doesn’t approve of her husband Prince Harry, claims the Duchess estranged brother

Thomas Markle Sr, who has never met Harry in person, apparently doesn’t approve of the Duke of Sussex, according to her brother Thomas Markle Jr.

Markle Jr said on Australian reality show Big Brother VIP his father was so distrustful of Harry he wouldn’t even count on him to protect those chickens in their backyard.

My dad doesn’t approve of him. My father says he couldn’t even protect those chickens in their backyard if he needed to, he told his shocked housemates.

Markle Jr also said his rift with his famous half-sister began when he wrote to the palace asking if they could help to stop paparazzi invading his privacy.

And the correspondence I got back was that I was distant family and I don’t know those people. That came from Meghan, he alleged.

The housemates bristled when Markle Jr said that Meghan should do her job as a royal and stop griping about it.

When asked about the mental issues Meghan spoke about during her interview with Oprah Winfrey, Markle Jr fired back I don’t 100 per cent buy that.

This remark left the other contestants horrified, with Bernard Curry saying That was brutal!

The Big Brother scene aired after Markle Jr issued a public apology to his sister for criticising her in the media.

The window fitter from Oregon said he’d ‘made some horrible mistakes’ after being thrust into the spotlight when Meghan started dating Harry.