Kid caught in Afghanistan well for two days

—A salvage activity has been in progress since Tuesday

Heros are scrambling to arrive at a been caught in a well in kid a well in Afghanistan for two days.

A video via online media shows the kid, Haider, wedged inside a well in a distant area of Zabul region in the south of the country.

Since getting caught on Tuesday, the kid’s condition has apparently disintegrated.

However, heros burrowing a passage to arrive at the kid are near getting him out, a nearby authority said.

A video shows the kid stuck inside the well yet ready to move his arms and chest area.

Is it safe to say that you are alright my child? his dad can heard say. Chat with me and don’t cry, we are attempting to get you out.

OK, I’ll continue to talk, the kid answers.

Haider got caught in the well in the town of Shokak

Haider got caught in the well in the town of Shokak subsequent to tumbling off a street on Tuesday, an authority from Zabul’s data and culture office told BBC Pashto.

Heros attempted to pull the kid from the well on Tuesday night, however he got caught during the salvage activity, as per neighborhood reports.