Kazi Nabil to get National Sports Award

Eminent games coordinator Kazi Nabil Ahmed MP will be met with the esteemed National Sports Award under the best coordinator class in the year 2019.

State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel on Tuesday declared the names of 85 players and coordinators chose for the honor for their commitments from 2013 to 2020.

State head Sheik Hasina will convey the honors as the main visitor through a virtual stage.

Kazi Nabil, who is additionally the ongoing VP of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), has been perceived for his extraordinary commitments to the games field.

“I’m very really glad. I’m thankful to the public authority for this honor. I have been working in the games field… in the advancement of football for a long time. This grant will urge me to turn out more earnestly to improve our games,” said Kazi Nabil.

“I’m additionally offering my earnest thanks to the fair Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. This grant will motivate me a ton. I offer thanks to the authorities and allies of my club Abahani Limited also.”

Kazi Nabil has been working in the games field as a coordinator and in different jobs for just about twenty years.
He is the chief responsible for Abahani. He has additionally been on the board of trustees in this lofty club starting around 2004. In 2000, he became head of Abahani.

Kazi Nabil has effectively completed his obligations as the VP of BFF for three terms and is as of now serving his fourth.

He is likewise the initial time VP of the Bangladesh Olympic Association.