Kamala Harris calls for attack weapons boycott

US Vice-President Kamala Harris has made an energetic request for a prohibition on attack weapons directly following two lethal mass shootings in the US.

Harris was going to the memorial service of Ruth Whitfield, 86, killed in a store in Buffalo on 14 May, reports the BBC.

That shooting came only 10 days before an assault on a Texas elementary school left 19 youngsters and two educators dead.

Harris, posting these and different assaults, said the time had come to say “that’s it” to weapon brutality.

“Everyone must stand up and concur that this ought not be going on in our nation and that we ought to dare to take care of business,” she told the devotees at the memorial service.

She added that the arrangement was clear – and included things like personal investigations and an attack weapons boycott.

“Do you have at least some idea what an attack weapon is?” she asked, proceeding: “It was intended for a particular reason: to rapidly kill a great deal of individuals. An attack weapon is a weapon of battle, with no spot, no spot in a common society.”

The 18-year-old shooter in Tuesday’s shooting in Uvalde had two AR-15-style quick firing rifles, something like one of which he is accounted for to have purchased not long after his birthday.

After he was shot dead, police found upwards of 1,657 rounds of ammo and 60 magazines in his control.