It’s incredibly great to pay DJs, moderators ‘payola’ — Hip Hop Musician

The discussion encompassing whether it’s ideal for a performer to pay ‘payola’ to radio moderators and Disk Jockeys (DJs) or not has taken another wind.

‘Payola’ is a neighborhood term in Ghana used to allude to financial installments made by performers and music makers to DJs to impact them to play their melodies.

While many have seen the installment of ‘payola’ as guileful to Ghana’s music industry, capable Ghanaian Afro Hip Hop performer, Kofi Korsah has supported the far and wide practice among circle jockeys in the nation, demanding artists should pay.

Kofi Korsah is right now advancing his most current single track named ‘Show Something’ which highlights rapper Kofi Mole.

Talking in a selective meeting on Atinka TV’s diversion show ‘JukeBox’ facilitated by Nana Adwoa Annan, Kofi Korsah who was responding to an inquiry whether he has at any point paid payola before said, he accepts it is a decent practice and motivating force to DJs despite the fact that pundits have contended the age-long installment of ‘payola’ is the matter with numerous performers griping that the training is costing them their profession:

“Hahahaha…who said payola is terrible? Everyone maintains that their melody should be advanced so without rousing the DJ or the moderator how might your tune be advanced well.?” Kofi Korsah told Nana Adwoa Annan.

“Indeed, I have paid payola to DJs and it is great to pay. There isn’t anything not right about that…the DJs and moderators should likewise eat…that’s their work so they should likewise be paid…it’s a motivation to the DJs and moderators”, he added.

As indicated by him, he is currently being advanced well on the grounds that however his “Show Something” melody is great, he is paying payola to where it is expected.

However, he rushed to say that he never paid payola before he was facilitated on the show. He made sense of that before he got on the show, he had depleted every one of the assets he was utilizing for the advancement.

He prompted artists that before they discharge tunes they should ensure they don’t simply have the cash for advancement yet should likewise lay out joins.