Is Amir Khan versus Robert Guerrero a Possibility for the Future?


English hotshot Amir King Khan is scheduled to go head to head against American Devon Alexander on thirteenth December in Las Vegas Nevada. It’s an immense battle for each man, with the victor possibly being in line to confront Floyd “Cash” Mayweather, while the washout will drop considerably down the rankings. Yet, regardless of whether Khan wins, is a battle with Mayweather likely?

Khan won a silver decoration at the Athens Olympics in 2004, at the period of only 17. From that point forward, he’s become one of the top proficient warriors on the planet. He’s a whiz in the UK, he’s consistently in the information, and he busies himself away from the ring too, taking an interest in different cause occasions while additionally filling in as a MaxiNutrition Brand Ambassador. Indeed, even the individuals who are not enthusiasts of Khan should concur that he is an incomparable athletic and actual ability.

A few savants are saying that Khan’s next battle, even after a success against Alexander, might be against American Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. Guerrero has recently confronted Mayweather, dropping a wide choice in May 2013 to the pound-for-pound pro. Preceding that however, he crushed any semblance of Andre Berto in the Welterweight division, giving him validity there.

Khan’s latest exertion against Luis Collazo was a strong triumph, at this point it was anything but a high profile win of the preferences that sent off Guerrero into his date against Mayweather. In this manner, Khan might have to offer a few additional expressions before he baits Mayweather into the ring.

Further, there is the potential that Mayweather at long last gets used to the uber battle against Manny Pacquiao for his next battle in May. For this situation, Khan would need to stick around for his opportunity with an alternate battle in the meantime. A Khan versus Guerrero session would subsequently make an incredible potential co-include on a similar bill as Mayweather versus Pacquiao.

Guerrero is an intriguing and fan-accommodating warrior, and he and Khan ought to take part in a vital challenge. Assuming that the victors of the two sessions are guaranteed to battle each other, it would make a much greater scene for the generally tremendous occasion.

From that point, Khan could conflict against Mayweather in fall of 2015, possibly in the last battle of Mayweather’s Hall of Fame profession. The battle could be a raving success sell out hit at Wembley, placing 80,000 fans or more into the arena on battle night.

In the game of boxing it’s difficult to foresee what comes straightaway, since anything can occur in the ring on battle night. First up for Khan is the thirteenth December against Alexander, and he’ll be completely centered around that session. From that point however, he could hop straight into a match against the incomparable Mayweather, or pick to attempt to take out somebody like Guerrero, prior to meeting Mayweather in an enormous battle in fall 2015.