Indian fans received death threats for playing in Pakistan jerseys

When India-Pakistan face off in cricket, there is excitement as well as controversy. It has happened many times in the past, this time in the Asia Cup is no exception. An Indian fan received death threats for wearing a Pakistan jersey in the gallery during the India-Pakistan match in Dubai.

The Indian media Times Now reported that the name of this 42-year-old Indian supporter is Sanyam Jaiswal. This supporter went to the United Arab Emirates to watch the India-Pakistan match. There was no way he could get an India jersey before entering the stadium. All were sold. A mischievous idea played in his head.

decided to go to the stadium after wearing the Pakistan jersey. Though a supporter of India himself, Sanyam thought of having some fun sitting in the gallery wearing the jersey of the arch-rivals. But the plan backfired. Sanyam received death threats after a video of him playing in a Pakistan jersey in the gallery went viral online.

An Indian wearing a Pakistan jersey’—several videos with the title went viral online. Soon after, Sanyam’s family started receiving death threats. The videos were posted by tagging some Indian politicians. Sanyam told the local media that even though he was an Indian, he watched the game wearing Pakistan’s jersey just for fun.

Times Now quoted him as saying, ‘I am a supporter of the Indian cricket team and supported them throughout the match. I came from India only to support the team. When I reached the stadium, I saw that all the Indian jerseys were sold. I wore the jersey of the Pakistan team because of the thought of punching the Pakistan fans.

Sanyam Jaiswal’s home is in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Senior police officer Anirudh Pankaj said that since the incident took place outside the country, no FIR will be taken in this regard.

Anirudh told Indian news agency PTI, “We have come to know about the incident. But since this incident took place outside the country, further action will be taken as directed by the government. Media outlet Cricket Pakistan reported that after the videos went viral online, some Indian supporters requested the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the police to take action in this regard.

Jaiswal’s family told Indian media that Sanyam was late to the stadium on the day of the India-Pakistan match. This supporter wanted to enjoy the game by wearing Pakistan jersey and chanting ‘Hindustan Zindabad’ in the gallery as India jersey was not available. In a video message, Sanyam’s father Satish Jaiswal said, ‘We are patriotic as a family. I don’t know what my son did under any circumstances. If he has hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize profusely.’