Increase Safety of Missing Black Men With These Six Strategies

The families of missing Black men are pleading for more resources and accountability from law enforcement. With the recent increase in cases, their pleas have been heard by people all across the country. So how can you help? There are six strategies that will not only increase safety but also promote peace of mind for these families living in fear.

1. Stay informed

It is important for all Americans to know the facts about these cases. Read up on recent case details, statistics and other information that will help you speak knowledgeably with family, friends and co-workers.

2. Support Organizations

The families of missing loved ones are struggling financially to keep their searches alive so it is also important to support organizations like the Black and Missing Foundation, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)and others that are committed to finding these men.

3. Be aware of phone scams

There is no family member or organization asking people for money through text messages or other forms of messaging. If you get a text that claims to be from a loved one and want to donate money, hang up and contact the family first.

4. Look out for people on social media

Don’t trust just anyone with photos or personal information about your friends or family members who are missing. Never share photos of those you know to be missing as it has become easy for criminals to steal images from social media sites.

5. Find someone who shares your pain

It is important that you connect with others who have been touched by this very important issue. Attend community meetings, town halls and any other event where you can network with others going through similar struggles so you can share information about your loved one, the case and how to get the word out.

6. Keep your eyes and ears open

Let your friends, family and neighbors know that you are looking for someone who is missing by organizing search parties or through social media awareness campaigns. Make it part of your daily routine to look for these men in places where they may be found such as hospitals, jails and parks.

As a community, we need to do whatever it takes to protect our men and find those who are missing. These strategies will help you become a part of the solution! BlackLivesMatter