In a few seconds, the multi-storied buildings

In a few seconds, the multi-storied buildings

In a few seconds, the multi-storied buildings of the world are mixed with dust –

In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, on Sunday (August 28) around 2.30 pm local time, the Twin Towers (twin towers) collided with the ground in just 9 seconds. The twin towers of the country, known as the Twin Towers, were destroyed by the explosion.

This huge tower was built illegally in 2013 in defiance of the existing laws of the country. After this, the residents of the local Emerald Court Society approached the Supreme Court. According to the judgment of the Supreme Court, this illegally built Noida twin tower with 32 and 29 floors was demolished by 2.30 pm on Sunday.

But this incident is not new. There have been many buildings before that, which have been razed to dust in no time due to various reasons. Many of us may not know the news of those demolished buildings. Take a look at the information of those buildings-

  • Ocean Tower: In 2006, a luxury residence called ‘Ocean Tower’ was planned to be built in Texas, America. Exactly two years later, during the construction work, the 31-storey multi-storey building suffered a crack. Even about 14 inches below the ground collapsed. As a result, the building leans in one direction. For this reason, Ocean Tower is also known as the ‘Leaning Tower of South Padre’. It would have been very expensive to rebuild. In December 2009, the building was destroyed by explosion.
  • The Trump Plaza: ‘The Trump Plaza’ was built in 1984 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, America. It is known that this building was named after former US President Donald Trump. The 34-story skyscraper was best known as a hotel and casino. It hosted numerous Hollywood actors, rock stars and sports personalities. But with the passage of time the business of these hotels and casinos began to suffer. After almost four decades, on 18 February 2021, it was decided to demolish this high-rise. A total of 3,000 sticks of dynamite were used to mix this multi-storey with soil within 20 seconds.
  • Thousands of people came to watch the building collapse as the hotel and casino were demolished. Atlantic City, New Jersey, with its casinos and luxurious hotels, was called the Las Vegas of the Northeastern United States.

One of the attractions of Atlantic City was the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

In a few seconds, the multi-storied buildings

‘The AFE Tower’: A 38-storey building built in 1970 in the Frankfurt area of ​​Germany. It was known as ‘The AFE Tower’. It is known that this multi-storey building was part of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. This 38-story skyscraper was 116 meters high. In 2014, a total of 950 kg of explosives were used to demolish this high-rise. In just 10 seconds, this 38-storey building collapsed.

The Mini Plaza: In 2007, the construction of the multi-storied building named ‘The Mini Plaza’ in Dubai started. After building 144 floors and four towers, it was decided that something else would be built on the site. The height of this building was 165 meters. In November 2020, when the construction work was incomplete, 6,000 kg of explosives were used to demolish this high-rise in about 10 seconds.

The Golden Flower Building: The 387 meter high ‘The Golden Flower Building’ in Xi’an City was one of the tallest skyscrapers in China. The building was completed in 1999. This 26-storey building has not been used for many years.

After lying empty for 16 years, it was decided to demolish it. In 2017, 1270 kg of dynamite and 12,000 detonators were used to pulverize this multi-storey building in 15 seconds.