Imran will contest in 9 seats in the upcoming by-elections

Imran will contest in 9 seats in the upcoming by-elections

Imran will contest in 9 seats in the upcoming by-elections

The by-elections are going to be held soon in the empty 9 seats of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the opposition Tehreek-e-Pakistan (PTI) Imran Khan will fight alone in 9 seats.

He said this himself in an announcement. News from The Dawn.

At least 123 MPs resigned after Imran’s defeat in the no-confidence vote in April this year.

The Speaker accepted the resignation of 11 of them. It has 9 general seats. And 2 reserved.

Elections have already been held in two of those 11 constituencies.

  • The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced the holding of elections in the remaining 9 constituencies.
  • Elections are scheduled to be held in the constituencies on September 25. On Friday (August 5) with that election in mind,
  • PTI announced that Imran will fight alone in those 9 seats.
  • There is no legal restriction on contesting multiple seats in the National Assembly in Pakistan.
  • However, after the election, the elected representative can hold only one seat.
  • In this case, if Imran wins more than one seat, the remaining seats will have to be re-elected.
  • The Election Commission will organize the elections in the seats within the next 60 days.
  • Imran Khan’s public support has not decreased even after being ousted from power. Rather, it has increased.
  • PTI’s huge victory in the Punjab by-elections is proof of that. Many saw this victory as a stepping stone for Imran Khan’s return to power.
  • However, a big obstacle has appeared in front of him again. It is feared that he may even be banned from politics.
  • The Election Commission’s decision against PTI raised doubts whether Imran can do politics or not.

Last week, bomb blast information about him came to light

Imran will contest in 9 seats in the upcoming by-elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) accused the PTI of receiving funds from foreigners several years ago.

The complaint against the party was made by Imran Khan’s one-time close ally Akbar S. Babar.

Last week, a three-member bench of the Election Commission decided on the complaint.

It said that former Prime Minister Imran took money from 34 foreign individuals or companies for his party PTI.

The amount of this money is 21 lakh 21 thousand 500 dollars. Taking political party money from foreigners is illegal in Pakistan.

PTI submits fake affidavit regarding their bank account to Election Commission.

Besides, the group also concealed the details of their 13 bank accounts.

In addition, PTI received donations from a number of organizations including UK-based private company SS Marketing Manchester,

United Arab Emirates-based company Bristol Engineering Services and E-Planet Trustees.

The Election Commission has sought an explanation from PTI as to why the funds received from foreigners will not be confiscated after announcing the decision.