I didn’t realize that I had applied

Kaniz Khandaker came to the conversation in the wake of singing all the society tunes in Coke Studio Bangla . The performer, a postgraduate understudy of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University, is dealing with another tune. Conversed with him on Saturday night.

Generally excellent. The melody was distributed a couple of days prior. As yet getting a reaction. Everybody is bidding farewell.

Truth be told. I was on an unscripted TV drama. Cloud-covered stars on ATN Bangla, I was the primary on that show in 2011. I have been delivering tunes even before that. However, I have been serious from that point forward. I’m concentrating on music, I am doing aces in society music.

I got an exceptionally fortunate open door. I didn’t realize I was applying. The senior sibling of our college, Animeshda (artist of Nasek tune) said one day, the number of melodies that do every one of your kin send me. I have heard that a lot more have taken vocals for this tune. Then, at that point, he heard me and settled on a choice in a gathering. I didn’t actually realize Coke took the melody for the studio.

The following time I get chosen, call me. The inclination was unique. Nonetheless, I will be chosen in the last, I didn’t think by any means. At the point when I was chosen two days before the recording, I had a sensitive throat. Then, at that point, for three days I quit conversing with everybody. Since, my throat needs rest. Then I sang Archie.

I was learning then. Assuming you get a situation around then, the soul increments significantly more. Family acknowledgment additionally expands; Because they could have done without my singing. In any case, seeing that I was getting along admirably, I began giving help. It plays areas of strength for a to play.

Not by any stretch of the imagination. Nobody in the family enjoyed the tune. I’m keen on learning music. Ustad Golam Rabbani Ratan saw my advantage in learning and tended to me as a young lady. He has been caring for me from that point onward. Afterward, nonetheless, the family additionally began giving help.