How Bangladeshi travelers end up in Cyprus

Bangladesh positions among the main 10 nations whose residents have looked for refuge in the country.

Two Bangladeshi transients were frantically holding up at the principal door prompting the Pournara traveler gathering camp external Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, last week, wanting to acquire section into the generally packed camp.
The two men — in their 20s — seemed worse for wear and apprehensive. One of them, 24-year-old Salim Hossain, let DW know that the specialists denied them passage into the camp because of an absence of records.

“We have no international IDs. A Bangladeshi human dealer has taken them from us in North Cyprus prior to sending us toward the southern piece of the island,” Hossain said.

The Pournara gathering community for haven searchers is the biggest outcast camp in Cyprus.

The camp is intended to oblige around 1,000 individuals, however over two times the number are at present housed there, including exactly 200 Bangladeshis.

Many have griped of difficult issues, including constant congestion, sad restroom offices, and pitiful food and water apportions.

During a new visit to the camp, Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades portrayed the circumstances as “sad.”

Hossain and his co-explorer, Enamul Haque, said they began their excursion from Dhaka on June 6, expecting to work at an apple ranch in Northern Cyprus. Each needed to pay about $7,360 to a neighborhood human dealer, who has contacts with different dealers in Europe, for the excursion by means of Dubai.

Cyprus was parted in two out of 1974, when Turkey attacked following an upset on the island focused on association with Greece. The two sides are separated by a 180-kilometer-long UN cradle zone.

Just Turkey perceives the Turkish Cypriot government in the north, while the Greek Cypriot government in the south is perceived universally.

The Republic of Cyprus says it offers legitimate ways for understudies and laborers to come to the nation and recommended that travelers utilize these potential outcomes to try not to succumb to human dealers.

“Understudies can come here to study, and the cycle is equivalent to in the US and other Western nations. They can apply straightforwardly,” Andreas Varnava, overseer of an exile camp in Cyprus, told DW.

“Likewise no different for individuals need to come to work in various areas in Cyprus,” Varnava said. “A few selection representatives assist organizations with recruiting laborers from abroad. You don’t have to pay human dealers to come to Cyprus.”

Ruben Pavlou Kalaydjian, Bangladesh’s privileged representative in Cyprus, likewise repeated a comparative assessment. “Five to 700 laborers from Bangladesh legitimately come to Cyprus consistently to work in various areas. One ought to pursue this open door as opposed to taking any unlawful course to the island state,” he told DW.

For Hossain and Haque, what’s in store looks dismal. Their dealers, who charged a great many euros, have left them at the exile camp in Nicosia.

“We can’t get back any longer. We chose to embrace our fate,” Haque said.