Heavy rains in Baluchistan, southwestern part of Pakistan

Heavy rains in Baluchistan, southwestern part of Pakistan

Heavy rains in Baluchistan, southwestern part of Pakistan

More than 111 people have killed since June 1 in heavy rain-flood landslides in Balochistan, the country’s largest province located in southwestern Pakistan.

Also, more than 10,000 houses have  damaged across the province.

Among these damaged houses, 6 thousand 77 houses  completely washed away. Abdul Azai Akili, Principal Secretary for Balochistan

Affairs of the Central Government of Pakistan, gave this information in a press conference in the provincial capital Quetta on Friday.

He also said that 16 dams in different parts of the province have also damaged due to two months of heavy rains and flash floods, some of them  almost collapsed.

Apart from this, the solar power project to reach various remote areas of the province has also suffered extensive damage. About 2,400 solar panels  destroyed.

In the three countries of the subcontinent, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the rainy season starts from June and lasts until August.

The chief secretary of Balochistan mentioned in the press conference that in the first two months of the monsoon season this year, there has been more than 500 percent rainfall compared to previous years.

“Out of the 35 districts of the province, at least 10 districts suffered extensive damage due to heavy rains and floods and about 650 km of roads have destroyed,” Akili said in a press conference.

Due to the huge damage to the roads, the road communication system of the province has collapsed. Even the highways connecting to other provinces submerged in flood water.

In this situation, the chief secretary has advised people not to step out of their homes except for very urgent needs.

He also said that a joint force comprising Pakistan Army, Balochistan Police and civil administration personnel has  formed to carry out rescue operations in

the flood-affected areas of Balochistan and that force has already started working. Besides, fresh water, dry food, blankets etc. have  given as relief to the affected areas.

However, the rescue and relief activities  hampered as the road communication system has almost collapsed due to heavy rains-floods and landslides.🔱