Google will delete the information to go to the abortion clinic

The giant technology company made the announcement on Friday after the Supreme Court recently overturned a landmark law allowing women to have abortions in the United States. News AFP
Jane Fitzpatrick, Google’s senior vice president, said in a blog post, “If our systems are able to detect that someone has visited those places, we will delete them from location history.” The change will take effect in the coming weeks.

Other places where Google will not store location information of service recipients include infertility clinics (fertility centers), drug rehabilitation centers and weight loss clinics.

Fitzpatrick reassured users that Google takes user privacy seriously. He said Google has a track record of ignoring law enforcement claims and objecting to certain claims. If any information is to be provided in compliance with any In May, some of the top Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai urging him to stop collecting location information on smartphones. They claim that this information can become a tool of the extreme right.