Golden Heard states her advisor’s notes would have prompted different decision

Hollywood entertainer Amber Heard has expressed during a new meeting that notes taken by her specialist, to whom she was revealing the maltreatment, would have changed the decision of her criticism body of evidence against ex Johnny Depp.

Citing The Hollywood Reporter ANI revealed, the explanation in regards to the notes, which were not permitted during the preliminary, was made by her during a meeting with a magazine.

She said, “There’s a cover [of] long periods of notes tracing all the way back to 2011 all along of my relationship that were taken by my primary care physician.”

In Heard’s full meeting about the preliminary with NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie, the entertainer said that the notes would have verified claims that Depp mishandled her, remembering an episode for 2013 in which she let her specialist know that Depp tossed her against a wall and took steps to kill her.

“I’m discussing what has been going on with me continuously. She’s taking contemporaneous notes of what’s going on,” Heard said.

Guthrie said that they evaluated the notes and they showed “that as far back as 2012, Amber was discussing actual maltreatment. In January of that year, she told her advisor Depp hit her and tossed her on the floor. Eight months from that point forward, tore her robe, tossed her on bed, and in 2013, he tossed her against a wall and took steps to kill her.”

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Depp’s representative has denied Heard’s charges of actual maltreatment, saying, “It’s sad that the litigant and her group are back to rehashing and reconsidering and once again contesting matters that have proactively been chosen by the court.”
After the new six-week preliminary in Fairfax County, Virginia, a seven-man jury arrived at a decision on June 1, concluding that Depp, demonstrated that Heard slandered him in the 2018 commentary. Depp has kept up with that he never attacked Heard and asserted she genuinely hurt him.

The jury granted Depp USD 15 million in penalties however Heard will just need to pay USD 10.35 million because of a Virginia regulation restricting correctional harms (the adjudicator diminished the sum). In her countersuit, Heard won one of the three slander counts and was granted USD 2 million in punitive fees, according to People magazine.