Gaffer Sues Producers, Alec Baldwin After Producer’s Daughter’s Death

The daughter of a Rust producer has died after allegedly being struck by Alec Baldwin’s car. Halyna Hutchins, 20, was crossing the street with her boyfriend when the incident occurred. The gaffer for the film is now suing producers and Baldwin for wrongful death. is reporting that Alec Baldwin’s Porsche accidentally hit a young girl on June 28th in New York City, leaving her with severe brain trauma. The 30 Rock star was not at fault for the collision, though his vehicle was struck by Elizabeth Petrakis, 43. According to the NY Daily News , Petrakis was attempting to drive around a double parked car when she failed to notice the girl and her boyfriend crossing the street.

The 20-year-old victim, Halyna Hutchins, suffered a fractured skull and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where she underwent surgery for brain trauma. The young woman remained in critical condition until July 4th, when she passed away.

The victim’s mother, Julia Hutchins, is now suing Baldwin and the producers of the show, claiming that they are responsible for her daughter’s death.

Julia claims that Alec Baldwin should have known not to drive his Porsche so fast in Manhattan, especially with paparazzi following closely behind him. She also alleges that NBC should have provided stricter protocols for keeping pedestrians safe.

Although Baldwin was not found at fault in the accident, he is still named in the suit and could be called to testify during court proceedings.

The family’s lawyer, Michael Borrelli, alleges that Alec Baldwin is not without fault in this thing, and hopes to prove so during the trial.

In a June 29, 2012 news article at Radar Online, the online tabloid reported that Alec Baldwin was being sued for wrongful death by Julia Hutchins. In addition, Radar Online paraphrased that she alleged that the producers of 30 Rock had failed to provide proper guidelines and policies to keep pedestrians safe, and that Baldwin had been negligent in controlling his speed.

Radar Online also included that Halyna had suffered a fractured skull after she was struck by Elizabeth Petrakis’ vehicle as she was trying to avoid hitting a double parked car.

However following this news report, the family’s attorney stated that the Radar Online report was entirely false. There is no lawsuit being filed against Alec Baldwin for this matter, whatsoever,  was said in a statement by family attorney Michael Borrelli to the media.

Michael Borrelli also refuted Radar Online’s claims that Julia Hutchins had alleged producers of 30 Rock failed to provide proper guidelines and policies to keep pedestrians safe, and that Alec Baldwin was negligent in controlling his speed. Borrelli stated that the Radar Online report was not only false, but libelous as well.

In a follow-up news article by Yahoo! News , Michael Borrelli clarified on behalf of Julia Hutchins and her family that Radar Online had fabricated facts out of thin air without talking to anyone involved with the family.

Borrelli stated to Yahoo! News that Julia Hutchins had no idea where Radar Online got their information, and his law firm would be seeking legal action against them for libel.