Forget the painful memories, the ‘new’ journey of Barca

The 2021–22 season was one to forget for Barcelona after the departure of Lionel Messi. Barca have never been in such a disaster in their recent history. The Catalan club fell to the bottom of the table in La Liga.

Barca, who were eliminated from the first round of the Champions League, are in the Europa League. Barça’s position in the race for the second-tier superiority in Europe, however. Even the next season’s Champions League was in jeopardy.

Barca fans were looking for a ‘miracle’ to turn around such a situation. Time will tell if that miracle actually happened, but Javi Hernandez’s side are showing signs of fighting back after the setback.

Barca then resorted to club legend Xavi to recover from last season’s disappointment and painful situation. Xavi was flown in from Qatari club Al Sadd after Dutch coach Ronald Koeman was sacked. Before this, Xavi was one of the biggest witnesses of Barca becoming a great team.

In the last part of the season, Barca managed a little. Finished the league season at number two. And in the new season, not only La Liga, but also the Champions League, Barcelona is one of the title contenders.

Xavi’s start at Barcelona was also sour-sweet. Despite turning around in La Liga, they have to struggle in Europe. Barca had to leave after losing 4-3 in two legs to Eintracht Frankfurt in the last eight. However, forgetting that failure, Xavi focused on preparing the team for the new season.

The Nou Camp team showed a great surprise despite the team change that ended a few days ago. The team, which was saddled with a debt of 1.35 billion euros in March last year, has surprised everyone with this change. Even Barca’s rivals openly expressed surprise at the move.

Barcelona took a strategic position in the transfer, bringing in one high-profile player after another. Bayern Munich brought in one of the greatest strikers of all time, Robert Lewandowski. After Barca’s aggressive team change, all the strategies of English giant Chelsea were turned upside down.

Chelsea, once famous for ‘stealing’ players in a change of team, was somehow forced to surrender helplessly in front of Barca. Brought in Jules Kunde and Rafinha from under Chelsea’s noses. Frank Casey, Andres Christensen and Hector Bayern were also brought in as free transfers. Although the player registration was in jeopardy at the beginning, Barca overcame that hurdle through the implementation of the fourth ‘economic lever’. But this risk taken by the club authorities will only pay off when the players can bring success on the field, one of which starts tonight.