Firemen have not yet had the option to enter the stop shed

Albeit 40 hours have passed since the devastating fire at the compartment station at Sitakunda in Chittagong, the laborers have not had the option to enter the 500-meter shed of the stop yet. Salvage endeavors are being hampered by the blast and fears of new blasts.

The warehouse was ablaze until the report was composed at 1:15 pm on Monday (June 6). Then again, the fire administration and armed force staff are proceeding with their endeavors to control the fire.

Associate Director of Fire Service Faruk Hossain Sikder is driving the whole firefighting work. “We are as yet attempting to extinguish the fire,” he said. It will require investment to totally extinguish the fire. Numerous compartments are still ablaze, with smoke surging out. We are cautiously watering them.

It will require investment. We are working. The salvage activity couldn’t be begun at this point in the wake of entering the 500 meter shed of the warehouse. Smoke is emerging from there.

He said that other than the fire, there are a few different compartments close to the consuming holders. In the event that there are synthetics in them, there is a risk of new blast.

As per fire administration sources, 25 units of fire administration are working at the spot. Continuous water is being sprinkled on the consuming holders with the assistance of 12 exceptional vehicles. At the point when a vehicle runs out of water, new vehicles are being sent there. Additionally, fire administration individuals from Noakhali, Feni, Laxmipur and Comilla and encompassing locale are likewise attempting to control the fire.

last Saturday (June 4) at around 8pm when a fire broke out inside the BM compartment stop stacking point. Individuals from three units of Kumira Fire Service went to the spot and first attempted to control the fire. The fire spread starting with one holder then onto the next at 11:15 pm.
Because of the presence of synthetics, a colossal blast occurred in a compartment. Many individuals including fire administration, police and nearby specialists were killed in the episode. A fire administration vehicle was likewise scorched.

The loss of life from the burst has been rising individually. As indicated by the most recent reports, 49 individuals, including nine firemen, have been killed up until this point. Multiple hundred have been singed.