‘Eat! Whose lungi is this, who knows?’

Tir Char, a remote village of Chandina in Comilla. The son of that village is Sharif. His father is a farmer by profession in Mijanu. Seven years ago he became seriously ill. He is bedridden for a year.


Due to poverty, Sharif left his studies and started working. But his income does not support his family anymore. Father’s medicine is not enough if food is enough. One is not the other. Seeing his father’s depressed face, his mother’s struggle for life, Kishore Sharif decided to go to Dhaka. On inquiry, he found out that a man named Abul Kashem from his village lives in Dhaka.


He works in a hotel. After many requests Kashem agreed to bring Sharif to Dhaka. Just 15 days ago, he joined Kashem’s hand at Barisal Hotel in Chowkbazar. He earned only 200 taka by cleaning the hotel all day. He used to send this money to his mother.


Not only Sharif died in Barisal hotel fire yesterday, the fight for life of five other workers like him has stopped. Those who came to Dhaka hoping to feed their parents, wife and children three meals of dal and rice, to keep everyone a little better. They worked in the hotel in two shifts.


Lived in the upper part of the hotel room made of wooden floors. Sharif and others were in that restroom to rest after their shift at 11 am yesterday. A fire broke out in the hotel sometime before 12 noon. After extinguishing the fire, the fire service personnel recovered the bodies of six people one by one.

Alam Mia is the owner of the three-storied building in which the Barisal Hotel is located on Devidas Ghat Lane, Kamalbagh, Chawkbazar. After he died, his son took care of the house.


Burnt gas pipe of the hotel
Burnt gas pipe of the hotelPhoto: Asaduzzaman
The owner built a wooden platform above the hotel to accommodate the workers. You have to climb there through


A person named Mubarak Hossain peeked inside the hotel and saw some parts of the burnt lungi. Whose lungi is this, who knows?’ Salim Uddin’s grocery store is next to Barisal Hotel. He came to the scene after receiving the news of the fire yesterday. He saw flames in front of Barisal Hotel.


Then the owner of the hotel saw Fakhar Uddin taking the money box from the shop to the street. The fire service personnel have not reached the spot yet. Salim Uddin told Prothom Alo that the shop’s employees were trapped, the owner did not tell anyone or shouted.


The upper part of the hotel, where the workers were sleeping on wooden floors, was mostly burnt to ashes. A shoe sole factory is located near the iron stairs leading to Patatan. Local people call it ‘Foam Factory’. Everything there was burnt in the fire.