DU student dies after jumping from Japan Garden City building

A student of Dhaka University has died after jumping from the roof of a multi-storey building in Japan Garden City in the capital’s Mohammadpur. The young woman named Jaina Habib alias Prapti (22) was a second year student of Accounting at Dhaka University.

He jumped from the roof of the 17th floor of Japan Garden City Building 16 on Wednesday afternoon, police said. A note was found at the scene. Police officers also saw CCTV footage and said the girl had committed suicide.

According to police and local sources, Zainab and his family lived in a house on the second floor of the 17th building in Garden City, Japan. His father Habibul Aziz is an engineer in the local government and engineering department. Jaina went to the roof of their building around 5 pm today. He knocked on the roof door from the outside. It was raining at that time. At one point, the security guard of the house asked her to keep the roof door open, but Jaina did not listen. At one point he jumped down from the roof and died on the spot. Upon receiving the news, senior officers of Adabar police station went to the spot and recovered Jaina’s body.

Mohammadpur Area Assistant Commissioner of Police Mujib Ahmed Patwari told Prothom Alo that closed circuit camera (CC) footage of the roof and surrounding buildings showed Jaina climbing on the roof and walking in the rain. At one point he put his mobile phone in a polythene. Leaving the mobile phone and a ‘suicide note’ on the roof, he jumped down from the roof.

The village home of the Zainas is at Valiyale in Noakhali Sadar. He was the eldest of one brother and one sister. “My life is a failure,” said Mujib, a police officer. I couldn’t make my parents happy, I couldn’t make anyone else happy. I don’t know if anything will come or go. ‘