Djokovic is not playing in the US Open due to lack of vaccination

Novak Djokovic expressed concern during Wimbledon. The Serbian star said that he will probably not play a Grand Slam this year after Wimbledon. One of the greatest tennis players of all time said this because of the ban on foreign nationals entering the United States without the corona vaccination.
Djokovic’s fears are coming true.

Which means, Djokovic, who surpassed Roger Federer in Grand Slam wins by winning Wimbledon, is not playing in the US Open after the Australian Open.

However, the name of 21-time Grand Slam winner Djokovic is still in the list of players for this year’s US Open. Djokovic, a three-time champion at Flashing Meadow, earned an automatic berth at the top of the rankings.

US Open officials explained how the players are selected, “All players who qualify under Grand Slam rules are automatically drawn into the men’s and women’s singles main draws.” The ranking 42 days before the start of the tournament is important in this case.

However, the US Open authorities have accepted that they are not getting Djokovic, there are no instructions on vaccination for players at the US Open. However, we respect the US government’s position on the entry of unvaccinated non-US nationals into this country.

Daniil Medvedev, who did not play at Wimbledon, is returning even if Djokovic cannot play. The reigning US Open champion could not play at Wimbledon due to the ban on players from Russia and Belarus due to the war in Ukraine. Medvedev and other Russian players cannot play with the Russian flag even if they play in the US Open.