Denver cable car horror: One killed in tragedy

A tragedy occurred in the Czech Republic on Wednesday when a cable car accident killed one passenger. The ride was transporting passengers from Ceske Krumlov to Vyskov Castle when it derailed, sending two cars plummeting down the mountain. One of the cars flipped over before coming to rest at the bottom of a ravine below. Rescue crews were able to extract three people alive out of the wreckage but one woman died due to her injuries sustained during this terrible event.

According to the Sazka Group that operates the ride, no technical or construction errors were involved in this accident. They are investigating every possible reason for the derailment but along with Czech police have announced there was “no indication” of any foul play involved. This is under speculation since it has not been ruled out completely however authorities said they have no reason to believe this was a terrorist attack.

The cable car ride first opened in 2010 and transported over 1 million passengers since its opening. Authorities said it passed safety checks carried out by two certified companies before being allowed to go on public operation. A full investigation is under way which will include an analysis of the cars’ designs, brakes and track.

Czech police authorities are also looking into the security measures involved at the time of this tragic incident. The car that derailed was only one of two traveling on the short route so officials said it played no factor in what could’ve caused this accident. Authorities say both cars were carrying around 30 passengers and there were five operators working at the time of the derailment.

The family members of the victim will receive financial compensation from Sazka Group as well as a free ride on any cable car system for a year. They also offered their condolences to the friends and families of those involved. The ride has been closed since this incident occurred but is expected to reopen soon by Thursday afternoon.

This is a huge tragedy that hit our company today. We are focusing on saving those still trapped in the cars. We are now stabilizing the cable railway system so further rescue works can be carried out.

The cable railway will remain closed until all necessary tests and inspections related to this accident have been completed.

We’d like to express our deepest condolences to the friends and families of the deceased. The Tragedy occurred on a ride that is very popular with young children and their parents, said Ivo Žďárek, President of the Management Board of Sazka Group.

The accident was caused by the derailment of one cable car due to a brake failure, said police representative Michal Řezník. He added that there was no indication that this could be an attack or other interference.