A robot is driving a rickshaw with passengers

A robot is driving a rickshaw with passengers

Chile’s proposed progressive constitution is rejected

Chile’s citizens overwhelmingly rejected the proposed progressive constitution in a referendum. If passed, this charter would be one of the most progressive constitutions in the world. CNN and BBC news.

According to data from the Chilean Electoral Service, after nearly all ballots were counted, 62 percent of voters rejected the proposed constitution. 38 percent voted in favour.

The left-wing president Gabriel Borich was in favor of this proposed constitution. Notable among the 388 articles of the constitution were broader social rights,

enhanced environmental regulations and greater responsibility for the government to implement social welfare programs. It also proposed gender equality and reserved seats for tribal representatives.

The proposed constitution was rejected by all Chilean provinces, including the capital Santiago and its municipalities, known as the most progressive.

But in last December’s presidential election, Borich won a large number of votes in Santiago and its municipalities.

After voting on Sunday, President Borich addressed the nation on television. He said, ‘The people of Chile have expressed their opinion today. They did that very loudly and clearly.

Borich also said, ‘They (voters) gave us two messages. The first is that they love and value their democracy. Secondly, the people of Chile are not satisfied with the proposed constitution, so they decided to reject it clearly by voting.

Supporters of the new constitution erupted in Santiago yesterday after the results of the vote were announced. On the other hand, the opposition expressed joy at the news of rejection. Mainly the right-wing parties opposed the proposed constitution.

Chile’s current constitution was written during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. He ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. The new constitution sought to move away from Chile’s authoritarian past and reflect the interests of the communities, from which they had been deprived.

If passed, the proposed constitution would have been one of the most progressive constitutions in the world. It is said that the state should play a role in the implementation of issues such as social rights. It also included a national healthcare plan.

Right-wing parties argue that this constitution will move the country further to the left. These proposals are too ambitious and difficult to translate into effective legislation. However, during the election campaign, some left-wing supporters also talked about additions and subtractions in the proposed constitution.

Learning from Sunday’s rejection, President Borich said he would work with Congress and various parts of society to draft another new constitution.

Center-left and right-wing parties that had campaigned to reject the proposed constitution also agreed to continue negotiations on a new draft. They promised voters that their interests would be better reflected in the next constitution.