Children are at extreme risk of climate change

As his career progressed, he noticed that more and more children were coming to the emergency department of the hospital every year to seek treatment for their illness.

Even the climate crisis is causing mental health problems in some cases.

“At the time, almost no one saw climate change as a health problem,” said Bernstein, a Harvard expert. It feels silly not to notice the matter first. ”

The New England Journal of Medicine published a detailed review of a study on updated data. That said, the effects of burning fossil fuels …

  • issues such as air pollution and severe weather, low water quality, extreme heat … pose widespread and growing risks to children’s health.
  • Bernstein, the interim director of the Center for Climate, Health and Global Environment at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, calls the journal the “sacred base” of all medical journals.
  • When Aaron Bernstein began his career as a pediatrician about 25 years ago, he did not think the climate crisis was going to cause such serious health problems for children.
  • Frederica Pereira, the founding director of the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health, lead author of the research report, said: ”

He said too CNN, “We’ve seen this climate impact, for this children is going to the emergency department, and the list is growing.

So I decided to put everything together (in the review).

“On the one hand, this is bad news; But look, we know how to deal with it (climate effects). We know how to reduce (carbon gas) emissions.

We can take action now, and that is the purpose of this article. ”

The research paper outlines a number of extreme climate change events, including floods as well as air pollution.

High temperatures are the deadliest of all natural disasters in the United States, researchers say.

Frederica Pereira says parents and adults can handle the task of protecting their bodies better than children when the temperature rises.

They may easily ignore the symptoms of some problem or illness due to the heat, but children cannot, they suffer.

Experts have been saying for years that babies and pregnant women are on the list of the most at-risk populations, with the highest risk of thermal problems such as heat stroke.

“When children need to drink enough fluids, they still have to rely on adults,” said Mr. Pereira. Moreover, parents simply keep them in a cool place.

💨That’s why the children get overwhelmed by the heat. ”

“We’ve also seen tragic incidents like children dying in a car parked during the extreme heat, where their parents didn’t realize how hot it was.”

In January, Bernstein published a survey report which found that extreme heat increased the risk of children going to the hospital in the summer,

even when temperatures were not so high

According to Bernstein’s study, babies born in the United States now experience 35 times more extreme temperatures than those born 60 years ago because of the climate crisis.

“We know that heat is a great risk to kids’ health.

The heat increases the need for emergency medical care for children. Pregnant women are also exposed to intense heat,

which affects their children. It has been seen that those children cannot do well in education or examination later. ”

Pereira said the already deteriorating situation is being exacerbated by increasing fossil fuel production in various parts of the world.

He hopes this article will make physicians and healthcare providers more aware. It will play a big role in climate policy to protect children from a hot planet.

“The clock is ticking; We don’t have time for the rising carbon emissions and rising temperatures. But we can do more to help children and families adapt to the changing climate. ”🔱