Catalan dissenter pioneer Carles Puigdemont captured in Sardinia

The previous Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, who escaped Spain four years prior in the wake of a bombed one-sided bid for local freedom, is expected to show up in court in Sardinia subsequent to being confined by police soon after showing up on the Italian island on Thursday.

Puigdemont, presently a MEP living in Belgium, is needed by Spanish courts over his supposed job in the one-sided freedom mandate and the resulting one-sided assertion of autonomy in October 2017. He deals with indictments of dissidence, disobedience and abuse of public assets.

In an assertion, Puigdemont’s office said he had been kept on Thursday while en route to go to a comprehensive development in the Sardinian city of Alghero and meet the provincial head of Sardinia and its ombudsman.

“At the point when he showed up at Alghero air terminal, he was halted by the Italian boundary police.On Friday he will be set at the removal of the appointed authorities of the court of allure of Sassari, which is able to conclude whether to deliver him or remove him,” the assertion said.

As indicated by reports in the Italian press, the conference could be deferred until Saturday.

“We are standing by to get a few reports and solely after that will the approval hearing be set,” Agostinangelo Marras, Puigdemont’s legal advisor in Sardinia, told writers outside the court of requests in Sassari on Friday morning.





Separatists from the Independence Republic of Sardinia party have assembled outside the court in fortitude with Puigdemont.

“The circumstance isn’t clear,” said the party’s representative, Simone Maulu. “We accept that the local area should act quickly in light of the fact that, if the Spanish state has given a capture request without advising the European parliament, it should act to reestablish parliamentary insusceptibility.”

Cristiano Sabino, a representative for a Sardinian favorable to autonomy lobbyist bunch, Sa Domo de Totu (Everyone’s home), said Puigdemont ought to be delivered.

“Puigdemont is a majority rule European parliamentarian who voyages Europe openly and it’s despicable that when he shows up in Sardinia, he gets captured,” he said.

Puigdemont and two of his previous pastors, Antoni Comín and Carla Ponsatí – who additionally escaped Spain and are likewise MEPs – were deprived of their resistance by the European parliament in March this year. Be that as it may, the choice to life their legitimate resistance can in any case be pursued.

Puigdemont’s attorney, Gonzalo Boye, said his customer had gone to Sardinia in his ability as a MEP, and said the Spanish capture warrant gave for the previous Catalan boss had been suspended. Notwithstanding, Spanish legal sources told the media that the warrant, given by the high court, stayed dynamic.