Bobby Kennedy Jr WILL be removed by irritated spouse of ex-‘special lady’

Robert F Kennedy Jr. is being summoned over the specific idea of his relationship with his supposed fancy woman Chelsea Kirwan, Daily Mail Online can uncover.

The Kennedy scion, who just wedded entertainer Cheryl Hines in August, is being hauled into the harsh separation fight between Mrs Kirwan and her alienated spouse, plastic specialist to the stars Laurence Kirwan.

Dr Kirwan’s attorneys have recorded a movement to remove Bobby, 60, in New York State on February 10 and he can be called upon under New York State law to affirm.

The case is being heard in Conneticut, and court papers state: ‘Since the said individual lives outside the territory of Connecticut and isn’t dependent upon locale of this Court, his declaration can’t be constrained at the preliminary of this activity, yet said declaration can be acquired by testimony before the Commissioner delegated in New York by this Court, who can then under New York State law urge the participation before him of such observer.

Respondent in this way demands that he be allowed to utilize the record of said affidavit at preliminary.’

As MailOnline has detailed, Dr Kirwan, 62, knew that his previous spouse had partaken in a dear fellowship with Bobby.

A source said: ‘Laurence was very much aware that his better half and Bobby had a companionship before their split and that they have had continuous calls.’

Bobby, who this week was seen fraternizing with his better half, potential 2016 Presidential up-and-comer Hillary Clinton and Ethel Kennedy at the RFK Ripple Of Hope Gala at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan, supposedly had a two-year ‘illicit relationship’ with Chelsea, 42, which was accounted for recently.

Before long the news became public, a source said Bobby was set to be addressed after swearing to tell the truth as a feature of the Kirwans’ separation case, saying: ‘Chelsea fears Laurence’s legal advisors need to ruin her as a spouse and a mother.

It is accepted a kinship among Bobby and Chelsea began a long time before the Kirwans isolated on July 4, 2012 – and a source told how Chelsea’s PDA records showed she was addressing Bobby five times each day in August 2012.

The pair were additionally imagined together at an occasion in Seattle in April 2013, where Bobby feted mountain dweller Jim Whittaker. Also, she is accepted to have went with him around the country.

Dr Kirwan’s legal counselors need to find out whether the kinship began during the Kirwans marriage – and what the specific idea of the kinship was.