Biden's son's escort service costs hundreds of thousands

Biden's son's escort service costs hundreds of thousands

Biden’s son’s escort service costs hundreds of thousands of dollars!

His identity, he is the president’s son.

It is also not a state as such.

America is the most powerful country in the world.

He is Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden.

This hunter is in the headlines this time. No, he didn’t hit the headlines either as the president’s son or for any feat.

Over the past several days, he has become a well-known face in the world, involved in controversies. It is good to say that he is caught in a scandal.

US National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed prostitution charges against Hunter Biden, according to sources.

It is known that in the last 5 months, Hunter spent around 25 lakh rupees on escort services.

This whole thing comes up on the basis of a bank cheque.

It is understood that Hunter paid the money through a check to a Ukrainian woman.

When the woman went to the bank to cash the check, the bank officials got suspicious.

A man named JPMorgan Chase filed a complaint earlier

Biden's son's escort service costs hundreds of thousands

He alleged that Ekaterina Moreva, a woman living in New York and Florida, was paid thousands of dollars by Hunter Biden’s company.

After that, Ekaterina was detained and interrogated.

That’s when all the truth comes out. Joe Biden sent money to his son’s bank account.

According to Ekaterina, she got more money from Hunter to send various escorts to her.

Some messages are found on Hunter’s iPhone.

From where it is known, he cut Ekaterina a check with his own hand.

On the check, Hunter wrote Medical Services.

It is known that Ekaterina can only withdraw money by check when President Joe Biden sends the money to her son’s bank account.

Incidentally, Ekaterina Morova runs a website called ‘Girlfriend Experience’.

This website uses women as young as 20 years old or younger as escorts.

Between November 2018 and March 2019, Hunter Biden spent about $30,000 on escort services.