Biden’s Ability to Handle All Issues Eroding: Poll

A new poll has revealed that Joe Biden’s ability to handle a range of issues is eroding, with the latest survey showing that four in 10 Democratic voters say he can’t be trusted on key issues. The CNN/Des Moines Register poll found 39% said they don’t believe Biden would do a good job handling health care and climate change, while 31% felt he would not do well on foreign policy matters.

This is a serious problem for Biden as he looks to compete with the progressive Left of his party, who are rallying around candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The poll also found that 49% said they believe Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders can handle health care and climate change issues well, while one-third said they believed he would perform very well on foreign policy matters.

Sanders is the only candidate in the poll who performed better than Biden on all issues. The former vice president netted high marks on economic policy 50% said he could do well there and was also seen as strong by 72% of those polled on his ability to handle election-year politics.

The polls numbers are a serious blow to his campaign which has so far failed to excite the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Biden is said to be planning a return visit to Iowa in August, with insiders saying he will not give up on the early state despite being overtaken by Sanders and Warren after placing third at 32% behind both of them in the last CNN/Des Moines Register poll.

With Joe Biden’s numbers continuing to fall, former Vice President Al Gore stated he would be willing to take the reigns of his campaign should he decide to drop out, adding that it has been a difficult time for him watching his old colleague struggle.

‘It’s been tough watching Joe go through this, but I’ve known him for a long time and know he’ll make the right decision. I’m happy to step in if he decides to drop out,’ Mr Gore said.

The former vice president was due to visit California next week with his climate change campaign but it is not yet clear if he will go ahead with the trip.

Biden’s campaign has been beset from the start by stories about his poor health and age, along with a much-criticized take on his past record on race relations in America. After footage emerged of him appearing to touch a young woman inappropriately at an event in New Hampshire last month, much of the criticism centred around his behaviour towards women.

On July 3, The New Yorker published an article in which seven women accused him of touching them or trying to kiss them without their consent, while three others said they had witnessed such conduct by Mr Biden.