biden to asking congress to improve russia sanction enforcement pass Ukraine aid president joe biden is hoped

to ask congress for superfluous Ukraine aid and renewed Russia sanctions enforcement measures in comments from the white house on Thursday morning the extensive legislative package is meant to tighten

U.S. authority to hold the russian government and oligarchs responsible , the White House said .
this bundle of proposal will situate new authorities for the expropriation of property linked to Russian kleptocracy , accept the government to use the income to corroboration Ukraine, and further tighten related law enforcement tools, it said in a preview of the scheme .

Ukraine can win battle : U.S. assurance secretary Austin meets partners in Germany mean to make it more straightforward to seize oligarch resources, empower the metastasis of cash to Ukraine discourage from relinquished property and target property used to work with the avoidance of assents .

they also aim to improve the ability to job with international partners to restore assets linked to foreign garble.

Biden is also hoped to call on congress to pass a new supplemental aid bundle for Ukraine . the funding is meant to last for the next five months , through the end of the fiscal year,
tow sources homely wiht the matter told NBC News .

secretary of state Antony Blinken said in congressional witness earlier this week that lawmakers should expect a forthcoming supplemental funding request .

Russia-Ukraine battle :

Putin warns of further revenge, Biden to ask Congress for new aid bundle

Moscow halts gas supply to poland and Bulgaria NBC News was first to information Wednesday that Biden would make declaration the new funding request Thursday .

Administration officials had narrated the request as voluminous but didn’t provide a specific dollar amount .