Biden nominates professional diplomat to Saudi Arabia

US President Joe Biden has nominated professional diplomat Michael Rotney as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. This information was given by the White House last Friday. News Reuters

The news of the appointment of a professional diplomat as ambassador came amid tensions between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

With the approval of the US Senate, Routledge will become the first professional diplomat in Saudi Arabia in three decades. Prior to that, he was in charge of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the US Special Envoy for Syria.

Relations between the two countries have also been strained over the return of the US nuclear deal with Iran. Meanwhile, sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine war have led to an energy crisis. The United States is urging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil. But he did not succeed.

Michael Rotney knows Arabic and French. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Doha. He also has work experience in Mexico City, Baghdad, Beirut, Casablanca, Bridgetown and Washington.
The Saudi-led military operation in Yemen has sparked a rift between the United States and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the relationship between the two countries deteriorated in 2016 when the name of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was mentioned along with the murder of journalist Jamal Khasogi. However, Saudi Arabia has denied any involvement in the killing of journalist Jamal Khasogi.