Barca figured out how to procure 3200 crore rupees

Obligation loaded Barcelona have purchased two high-profile footballers in the exchange market. Many are searching for replies with regards to how the Catalans carried Rafinha and Robert Lewandowski into the group notwithstanding their financial troubles. Nonetheless, they are not behind to track down a method of pay. In the wake of selling 10% of TV privileges in June, this time they sold another 15%.

They offered the property to US venture company Sixth Street for €330 million on Friday (July 22). How much which is in excess of 3160 crores in Bangladeshi cash. It recently sold 10% TV freedoms to similar organization in June for 207 million euros. The sum in Bangladeshi money is more than crores of rupees.

Barcelona chose to sell 25% of the club’s TV privileges to at least one financial backers at their yearly regular gathering last June 16. The EGM meeting likewise chose to sell 49.99 percent of Barsa Licensing and Merchandising (BLM). The Catalan club needs to raise around 600 million euros by selling TV privileges and portions of BLM.

Prior on June 9, Barcelona VP Eduard Romeu said €500m was expected to ‘save’ the club for the 2022-23 season. This drive to sell proprietorship has been taken to address that issue.

In the mean time, Barca has added four footballers to the group in the 2022-23 season. Among them, Rafinha joined Leeds United for 58 million euros and Lewandowski from Bayern for 45 million euros. Likewise, the expense of these two footballers with coincidental costs is 12 million euros. They cost in excess of 1102 crores 25 lakhs to carry two stars to the group.

In the interim, Barca is wanting to offer Frenkie de Jong to Manchester United and Francisco to Sporting Lisbon for a sum of 80 million euros. Toward the finish of last season’s records, the Catalans’ obligation was 1.3 billion euros.